Sweet Blossom Candy | Ocean Glow - Crop Top and Shorts
Ocean Glow Set
Ocean Glow Set
Ocean Glow Set
Ocean Glow Set

Sylvia P

Ocean Glow Set

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Did you know the ocean can glow? Noctiluca scintillans, also known as sea sparkle, are bioluminescent plankton that flash brightly when disturbed. So, whenever someone bothers you, just keep on sparkling.

This stunning set by Sylvia P consists of Ocean Glow shorts and crop top.  The crop has a mesh top front and velvet cross-over straps at the back, which adds that little bit extra to this beautiful set! 


The aim of measuring your athlete is to find the most appropriate size based on the size chart below. Please ensure that athletes are wearing fitted apparel during the measuring process.

CHEST - With arms by side, measure around the fullest part of chest.

WAIST - Measure around waist at navel.

HIP - Measure around the fullest part of buttocks.

TORSO - Measure from centre of shoulder through legs and back to the same shoulder (back to the start of tape). 

LEG LENGTH - Measure from crotch along inside leg to floor. 

See size chart and care instructions below.