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Garment Bag Single - Short Length

Dream Duffel

Garment Bag Single - Short Length

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Use Dream Duffel® garment bags to store, protect, and transport your costumes with ease. Additional zippered pockets allow you to keep shoes and other accessories organised with your costume. Don't lose track of accessories ever again! Garment Bags are made with clear, Polyester/EVA, lightweight materials but are very durable.  The Single Short bag is designed for a single short length costume that can be stored flat.  

Size: 16” x 25“

Garment bag features:
5 pockets.
1  25” Main Garment pocket
1  4"x 6" Contents Card exterior pocket
2  Small Accessory pockets
1  Medium Shoe Storage pocket

Please Note: Hanger is NOT included but can be purchased separately.