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Hair Box - Light Brown Bun


Hair Box - Light Brown Bun

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Each KySienn Hair Box is specially designed just for you - available in five colour options to match your hair! Everything you need for a ballet bun or dance hair do - all matching! 

The Hair Box measures: 25cm Length x 18cm Width x 3.8cm Height and inside the Light Brown Bun Box you will find:

• 3 x KySienn Bun Nets Light Brown
• 20 x KySienn 4.5cm Ripple Pins Light Brown
• 20 x Bobby Pins Brown
• 20 x KySienn Poly Bands Light Brown (one size)
• 3 x KySienn Hair Ties Light Brown
• 1 x KySienn Hot Pink metal tipped Tail Comb
• 10 x Safety Pins