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Socks - Posie The Unicorn
Socks - Posie The Unicorn
Socks - Posie The Unicorn

Mad Mia

Socks - Posie The Unicorn

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Hello, my name is POSIE THE UNICORN and I come from the most wonderous place of all, called MADMIA LAND. All my friends and I do our part to make sure MADMIA LAND stays the most incredible and magical place and we all have different super powers. My super power is to create all the RAINBOWS in MADMIA LAND to make sure it stays bright, happy, and colourful for all! Make sure to put your MADMIA socks on and take me with you, to bring this to your world! 

One Size Fits Most socks can fit kids and teens aged 6+ years and adults up to shoe size EU40, the equivalent of a women's size 9 shoe - but please note they do have limited calf stretch on adults.  

Care instructions: Remove Posie before washing - surface wash only, when necessary.  Socks can be machine washed, inside out, in cold water.

Designed in Australia. 

70% Cotton
15% Nylon
13% Polyester
2% Spandex

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